Summer Physical Theater Lab

Dates: June 3 – July 3,2024
5 Weeks, 16 hours per week + rehearsals
Tuition: $1750

Limited Availability, Apply Today!

Students will be taken through intense physical based acting exercises and explorations in which they will develop tools that will give the student a deeper understanding of the human being and of themselves. They will discover new tools to take back the conscious control of their physical life and power, unlocking impulses and, once again, finding the freedom and playfulness of the child that lives within.

Students will initiate their own postural and habitual re-alignments and gain a new practical physical language from which to create the body, life and soul of the character. Students will learn and practice collaboration with faculty and each other to grow their personal craft as an individual, while working together as an ensemble, building greater confidence and fearlessness in their choices. Students will learn how to be in a creative process without judgment, free from competition or sabotaging, mostly accomplished by the ego. Personal attention is given to each student and faculty will craft the material to best fit each individual’s needs and growth path.

Classes will include intensive training in movement styles, voice work, scene study/monologue, intimacy/conflict, mask/clowning, acrobatics/extreme physicalization, improv/contact improv, character creation and processes for devising material and new works. Exercises explored will be realized into the creation of both solo and ensemble material that will be workshopped and curated by the faculty and students into a performance of new works.

The course will culminate with two performance opportunities where students will be able to share their work within the community.

Admission Steps:

Admission to the Summer Physical Theater Lab is by interview. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Applicant must submit the following:

  1. completed application form
  2. Use this online form to submit your self-tape
  3. Headshot and Resume
  4. A $50 non-refundable application fee (payable to The Art of Acting Studio)


Once the studio receives your application materials, you will be contacted to schedule your interview appointment.

COVID-19 Policy: Please visit the studio’s Health & Safety page for the latest updates, policies and list of measures the studio has taken to protect the community against COVID-19.