Health & Safety

Current Studio Status Regarding COVID-19

We see bright days ahead! Summer comes and with it warm weather, open hearts, engaged minds, a desire to grow, to live, to learn, and a robust vaccination role out. Our summer hybrid model will allow in person community and actor training once again!!!

The pandemic has changed a lot about our lives. But it hasn’t changed our desire to grow as artists. It hasn’t changed our need for soul nourishment. Because we know both safety and artistic growth are important to you, the Stella Adler Studio is offering a hybrid model for Summer 2021.

The studio has been offering renowned training in a hybrid model since September 2020. We’ve implemented pandemic-era safety protocol — like daily temperature checks, bi-weekly testing for all in-person community members and a flex option that allows for easy transitions between in-person and video classes — and had a great school year.

Summer students will benefit from the same world-class faculty as always, as well as the safety procedures we’ve been using for nearly a year. All studios are Zoom ready and all faculty have been delivering world-class training on video platforms with excellent results. Add to that free COVID-testing in dozens of locations across New York City and a robust vaccination rollout, and we are poised to have a summer that is both safe and soul-nourishing.

We hope you can join us! Please contact us at for any questions or concerns and we’re happy to tell you more about the hybrid model.

Workshops will continue to remain online only and will be reevaluated for the fall. Professional Conservatory programs will continue to operate in a hybrid model with the hope that full in-person training will take place later this fall.

Actions the studio has taken…

PPE: Masks are provided for students/staff, if needed, as masks are required at all times. Plexiglass partitions are in place in common reception/lounge areas with specific signage on where to sit or stand to maintain proper social distancing guidelines as mandated by NY State. There is additional signage throughout the spaces reminding all of social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing.

Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection: Signs throughout the studio spaces promote frequent and proper hand washing as well as expected protocols for the start and end of each class, which include instructions for students to wipe down all surfaces they have been in contact with during class. All studios and spaces have disinfecting wipe dispensers in them (with trash
cans), and hand sanitizer stations outside. Designated staff are tasked with wiping down high contact surfaces multiple times during each day

• HVAC Ionization Filters: We have made a massive upgrade to our HVAC system which includes; larger Merv-13 filters which catch 43% of all airborne particles, Bipolar Ionization Air Cleaners which work to neutralize virus particles in the air, as well as a full rebalancing to ensure maximum airflow in each studio.

Social Distancing & Small Class Sizes: Signage in common areas states clearly about social distancing practices and areas are marked with capacity limits. All studios have new capacities to enable 6-8 feet of social distancing. Floors are marked throughout the studio to represent proper spacing. The schedule has been changed to reflect that there be smaller class sizes and rotating in-person participants. As stated prior, all classrooms are equipped with video suites which allow remote learning and in-person learning to continue hand in hand.

Vulnerable Populations: All classes may be participated in remotely by students or faculty as each studio is equipped with a video suite for streaming and all administration may transition to remote work, if needed. This allows vulnerable populations the flexibility to participate safely.

Operational Activity: Stella Adler Studio is ready to move to fully remote operations at any point. As we have already been working remotely, we have the protocols for both classes and all administrative duties in place. As stated prior, all of our classes will have the possibility of being blended (meaning some participants present in the physical space and other participating

Communication: Our Administrative Covid-19 team meets daily to discuss updates and protocols. If any changes need to be made, based on new circumstances or NY State mandate changes, we will then send out all changes and updates to the community at large, via email.

Actions you will take…

COVID-19 Testing Every Two Weeks: All in-person faculty, staff, administrators, and students must be tested every two-weeks and submit test results prior to being approved for entry to the studio. Testing is the responsibility of each individual and the entire community has been given lists of outlets on where to obtain tests.

Daily Health Screening: Prior to arriving at the studio, students and faculty are required to complete a Daily Health Screening Questionnaire and submit a temperature check. When arriving at the facility, everyone must be cleared for entry at the reception desk. A temperature check kiosk is available if temperatures need to be rechecked.

Wear a Mask: Masks must be worn at all times while in the facility. Masks must cover the mouth and nose areas.

A Letter From Tom Oppenheim in 2020:

Over these past weeks I keep returning to Harold Clurman’s words from his book The Fervent Years. An extraordinary group of actors and artists – including Joanna Gleason, Donna Murphy, Kate Mulgrew, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Danny Glover, Stephen Adly Guirgis – have come together to speak these words and I want to share the video with you.

It’s amazing that these words, written by Harold Clurman in 1945, looking back to the winter of 1932-33, speak so vividly and with such relevance to our own troubled times. It’s equally amazing that Harold Clurman looked out at a world in 1929 of economic ruin, with millions of Americans out of work, and thought “this is the perfect time to build a theater company!”

We dedicate this video to the medical workers for whom we cheer every night at 7pm, who save lives while providing us all with an example of how to live a life and how to make art. May our theaters soon be filled with such life giving, life affirming work! We also dedicate it to all essential workers, the backbone of our country.

Finally I hope this video stimulates and inspires young people, by virtue of Harold’s words and the voices and example of the work and lives of the participating artists, to search, as the members of the Group Theater did way back when, for reasons to be! and ways to give!

We stand in solidarity with the heroic health care workers and essential workers and with each and every one of you.


Tom Oppenheim
Artistic Director


“The strength I drew from this period of apparently aimless ambling through the dark of depressed areas in place and spirit was crystalized for me one day when I was struck as if by a miracle of conversion with the feeling that no matter how bitter things became for me, personally, professionally, economically I would never allow myself to be destroyed from within; it would never get me down; I would sustain all kinds of disappointment and distress without ceasing to believe, to hope, to love. I would never yield to the temptation of pessimism, to the ease of despair or withdrawal. It was as if I took an inner vow

never to allow, gradually the traffic to smother
With noise and fog the flowing of the spirit.

I believed, as some ancient had said: ‘it is not within thy power to to finish the task, nor is it thy liberty to abandon it.’ From this inexorable maxim I drew an abiding joy. In this sense I swore fealty to myself.

Thus that historically cruel winter of 1932-33, which chilled so many of us like a world’s end, became for me a time of renewed faith, because I seemed to be withstanding a sort of test.”

HAROLD CLURMAN, The Fervent Years