Professional Conservatory


The Professional Conservatory (Two and 1/2 Year Conservatory) is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theater (NAST) and approved by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education of California (BPPE).  For more information on NAST, Click here.  For more information on the BPPE, Click here. The Professional Conservatory (Two and 1/2 Year Conservatory) is the apex of all training programs at the Art of Acting Studio. In this exclusive program students learn tools and techniques to better engage their imagination, to analyze text deeply and accurately, to create rich, specific characters, to engage the body and voice fully and to work professionally and creatively on both stage and screen. The goal of this program is to fully prepare students for both the craft and business of acting. Classes are five days a week, and for the September Start, classes are between 7PM and 11PM. As such, the training is intense and intended to produce a comprehensive conservatory experience over the length of two and a half years. Class size is limited to 16 students. By audition only. For information about the current curriculum, please download the school catalog here.

The First Year
The first year of the program focuses on providing students with a
strong foundation from which to grow through a firm acting technique,
voice and speech work, movement and physical exploration, as well
as contemporary and classical scene work. Students will develop
a facile and responsive body, a strong and clear voice, and a clear
understanding of studio’s acting technique. Students will also gain
stagecraft experience by assisting crew on the third year student
productions. The First Year concludes with a Rehearsal Project.

The Second Year
The second year concentrates on applying the tools learned in the first
year through intense contemporary and classical scene work, with
continued voice and speech work and an exploration of physical acting.
Students begin performance through a short film project called the Genesis Project. Students will develop and create self-generated works, including a performance of an original piece, and will explore more in-depth On-Camera scene work. The semester concludes with a performance of a classical play.

The Final Semester
The Final semester is devoted to preparing for the professional and performance. Students will have classes about the industry, auditioning, and master classes with industry professionals. They will continue advanced contemporary scene study and On-camera, and will culminate their learning with a performance of a contemporary play. Finally, students will develop a performance Reel which will be shown to industry professionals in a showcase.

The application deadline for January 2020 is October 15th, 2019   Please inquire with the studio for further information.

The Professional Conservatory January 2020.

The Professional Conservatory – January Start begins Tuesday, January 21st, 2020.

Price: $5750 per semester, Five semesters in total.

Admission to the conservatory program is by interview and audition. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, and must submit the following: 1. A completed application form. 2. Headshot and Resume 3. Two letters of recommendation, including the referee’s address and telephone number. The letters should be from teacher or persons who can supply a recommendation as to the applicant’s character and potential. Referees may be contacted directly. 4. A $65 non-refundable application fee (payable to the Art of Acting Studio).

The Audition The audition should consist of two monologues, one classical and one contemporary, no longer than 90 seconds each. Phone Interviews and Video Auditions are acceptable, if necessary. Audition videos can be uploaded through the Online Application Portal. After the interview and audition have taken place, applicants will be formally notified by phone regarding their acceptance decision for the program. *prices, curriculum, and faculty subject to change.