2023 In-Person Workshops

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How to Apply
1. New applicants should first submit an online application here. Once we receive your application we will contact you to schedule your entrance interview appointment.
2. If you are a former student within the past two years, please check with as you might not need to submit a new application.
3. If you are applying for a course that requires an audition, please submit a video link to either a performance of a contemporary/realism monologue or a demo reel to this Google Form.

COVID-19 Policy: Please visit the studio’s Health & Safety page for the latest updates, policies and list of measures the studio has taken to protect the community against COVID-19.

Acting Technique
with Jane Fleiss 
| 4 Weeks, 8 Classes
June 26th – July 19th, 2023
Mondays and Wednesdays | 3:00-5:00 PM PT
Tuition: $450

Explore the language and principles of Stella Adler’s approach to acting, including action, circumstance, and justification, rooted in the power of the imagination. Actors will develop a foundation from which to build themselves as actors as well as human beings.

Saturdays | 8 Weeks, 16 Classes
Dates: September 16th – November 4th | 12 PM – 4:30 PM PT
New Students | $650
Returning Students (Within 1 Year)  | $585
Professional Conservatory Graduates | $490

This foundation course is a taste of conservatory training specifically focused on working in front of a camera. Through Acting Technique and Acting for Film & Television, students will develop a way of working that is specific, doable, and engaging to watch on screen.
CLASSES: Acting Technique, Acting for Film & Television

4 Weeks, 4 Classes | Audition or Invite Required
Sundays | 6:00-9:00 PM PT
New Students | $200
Returning Students (Within 1 Year)  | $180
Professional Conservatory Graduates | $150

The Ongoing Professional Workshop is a place for professionals to work. This class will explore in-depth Scene Study, with particular focus on the vitality of moment-to-moment experience and the full pursuit of actions. The goal is to create provocative characters that animate the text and uniquely showcase the actor. The intrinsic value of this communal exploration is that creative discoveries made by one actor are applicable to all.

Instructor: Miguel Perez
Option 1: January 15 – February 5th (4 weeks)
Option 2: February 12th – March 5th (4 weeks)
Option 3: March 12th – April 2nd (4 weeks)
Instructor: H. Richard Greene
Option 4: April 16th – May 7th (4 weeks) – Waitlist
Option 5: May 14th – June 4th (4 weeks)
Option 6: June 11th – July 2nd (4 weeks)
Instructor: Art Manke
Option 7: July 9th – July 30th (4 weeks)
Option 8: August 6th – August 27th (4 weeks)
Instructor: Dayo Ade
Option 9: September 10th – October 1st (4 weeks)
Option 10: October 8th – October 29th (4 weeks)

with J. Claude Deering
| 8 Weeks, 8 Classes
Sundays | 6:00–9:00 PM PT
New Students | $450
Returning Students (Within 1 Year)  | $400
Professional Conservatory Graduates | $350

This class is a scene study workout that uses challenging scenes from theatre and film (and sometimes TV) scripts to explore technique and deepen acting craft. This Stella Adler® program will challenge actors with exercises specific to each student’s performance and the scene they are exploring, and provide tools to add to the actor’s arsenal. This class is on-going and geared towards long-term development, as well as useful for a periodic refresher and tune-up!

Option 1: February 5th – April 2nd (Skips March 26th)

Option 2: June 4th – July 30th (Skips July 2nd) 

Option 3: September 10th – October 29th