Student Testimonials

What students are saying about the studio:

“A session with Ron is like going to church. I am not a bit religious but I can image that the feelings of calmness and reassurance I am left with after an hour with Ron is similar to sensation of walking about of a service. This is high praise! But I don’t believe there anyone better at breaking down a script. He just makes things so much simpler and that is all I ever need. He’s also very funny.” – Jane Levy, Star Monster Truck, and ABC’s Suburgatory

“Craft allows you for the potential to have a long career. Ron Burrus lays the foundation for what that craft will be. That is the truth” – Arjun Gupta, currently on The Magicians oon SYFY

“The diversity of the training has ensured that no matter what role I’m preparing for, I have an arsenal of tools at my disposal. Having so many different avenues to get results ensures that I never feel stuck or am looking at a piece too myopically. The focus on being a complete artist means that one can feel comfortable not only on the stage or in front of a camera, but also in the audience. I read deeper, watch smarter, and listen sharper thanks to the growth I had. It allowed me to be a better artist and a better patron.” -Ethan Cohn, recent alum.

“While attending the summer conservatory at Art of Acting Studios, in LA, I truly learned more than I ever dreamed I would in such a short period of time. The program is jam packed with spectacular teachers who are all very supportive of each student. I feel I have grown tremendously as an actor, and as a person, during my ten weeks there. I look forward to taking more classes at the studio soon!” -Peter Wolf, Summer Conservatory Student

“I love Don [William]’s class! Don is a brilliant teacher…he really sees what each actor needs to grow and knows how to convey how to get there with language that is understandable and doable! He is very supportive and loving and at the same time doesn’t beat around the bush. The class as a whole has always had supportive actors in it, very dynamic, unique and talented bunch. It’s great to be in a class where you want to work with everyone in it and feel safe to explore every avenue as an actor. Cant say enough about it!” – Stephanie Khalighi

“The Art of Acting Studio is an extremely unique place because it holds students to the highest of professional standards, while also nurturing each individual as an artist. I am proud to be part of such a unique acting family, and I am proud to have trained with individuals and teachers that consistently push me as an actress while also helping me understand where I fit in the industry. Moving here from NYC and starting my life as an actress out here, I can honestly say that I couldn’t be happier with an acting studio- Art of Acting has given me the kind of confidence to begin my career, while continuing to fuel my passion for the work, and for really building character and story for the stage and screen. I constantly feel inspired by the teachers and other students here!” – Amanda Hillsberg

“I was introduced to AOA while working in the theatrical Production of ‘Waiting for Lefty’ both in LA and in NYC at the Stella Adler Conservatory. I’ve since enrolled in Don Williams scene study class. Having sampled many acting classes through the years, I can attest that Don’s class ranks among the best. His practical scene study techniques born from the teachings of Stella Adler herself, allow an actor to grow and cultivate his or her craft to new lengths. The Art of Acting Studio prides itself on establishing a family amongst actors. I have the honor calling many fellow students and Conservatory alums my friends. The Conservatory produces some of the most dedicated, down-to-earth actors in the biz. This is a wonderful and safe place to study and grow.” – Darren Keefe

“The lessons and friendships I have found at The Art of Acting Studio have made incredible contributions to my growth as an artist and person. For actors in LA (particularly young ones), the society tends to swallow artistic ambitions and leave shallow hopes and dreams of being another faceless product. The studio allows the actor to open up and find their own individuality and style of performance. A fantastic space with wonderful people, the studio contributes fantastic tools to the actor’s life.” – Dan Evans, 

“Nike Doukas and Richard Greene’s class is a must for every actor! Scene study classes of this caliber are a rare and very special find in LA. Their insight and passion is infectious and has changed the way I work entirely.”
-June Raphael, Gracie & Frankie