Caden Healander (he/him) is an actor hailing from a classical ballet background who is currently working as a puppeteer with the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. As a trans actor, Caden strives to be queer representation in an industry that is only beginning to give voice to people like him. He most recently wrote and performed in a one-man show about Lou Sullivan, a bold, witty trans man who challenged masculinity and the medical system. Caden has played live music alongside his characters (or in character!) in the much of the theater work he has been in, from Much Ado About Nothing, The Three Sisters to country drama The Blue.  He often plays nervous gay people.  You can come see him on stage next in Magic Strings, a magic variety of puppetry at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

Contact Caden on Instagram @cadenhealander or at

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