Jasmine Ejan


Jasmine Ejan, an Oxnard native, has dedicated her life to the performing arts. From classical ballets to Bollywood films, Jasmine hopes to empower her students through dance. Jasmine trained in Vaganova ballet with Clarissa Boeriu and performed with the Channel Islands Ballet Company, City Ballet Los Angeles, and Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater. Favorite credits include: Celine Dion’s A New Day and Broadway National and China tour of Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan as Tiger Lily. She has also performed in over 20 regional musicals, numerous film, TV, commercials and art installations. Jasmine earned her BA in dance from UC Irvine and her M.ed from UNLV. Jasmine loves ballet and hopes that ballet will enhance her students’ lives. Her approach is to create a safe environment, challenge students while maintaining a fun atmosphere, include lessons on health and well-being, and develop analytical skills, focus, imagination, physical awareness and strength.



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