AOA Welcomes “The Workshop” to its new home

May 21, 2011

Jane Fleiss, who for many years has taught “The Workshop” at the Raven Theatre in North Hollywood, has brought her class to the Art of Acting Studio! “The Workshop,” an On-Going Scene Study class, will be on Monday Nights in 8 week sessions!
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A little about this class:

An acting class should be a place where the actor can hone his/her emotional, sensory, physical and interpretive skills, free from judgment and the need to produce instant results.

Unlike the self-generated art of writers or painters, for most actors, there is often too much “down time” between auditions and jobs. Whether we are concentrating our efforts on film, television, theatre or commercials, there can be unrelenting pressure to produce results. Because of this the actor’s process is often shortchanged, or the actor may simply be out of practice.

Actors need inspiration and encouragement to bring all their unique experience, emotional and imaginative life to the given circumstances of any play or film script. A necessary part of each actor’s journey is learning how he/she individually rehearses any given scene or part, what choices inspire him or her, and how to make productive use of rehearsal time.

In this class there is the opportunity for every actor to rediscover and continually renew the process. Newer actors receive an individual approach to basic technique and script interpretation. Ultimately, the class becomes the place to stretch us creatively, develop confidence in our imaginative and technical abilities and get a weekly workout.

The class combines theatre & film scenes with individual and group exercises and improvisations that I have developed over the years from my work with Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, Sandy Meisner and Sir Peter Hall.

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