Phoenix House Academy

The Stella Adler Outreach Division continues its relationship with the Phoenix House.  Future programs to be announced in 2019

REPORTING FROM THE FIELD: Launching a partnership with Phoenix House Academy

The Outreach Division ran a pilot program in June 2015 for teens at Phoenix House Academy in Lakeview Terrace.  Ambassadors Tinks Lovelace and Alicia Durufle joined Director of Outreach Tommy Demenkoff and Associate Susan PetchEam to deliver an audition of curriculum to see how a theatre project would fit within a facility serving adolescents in recovery. They spent one day with the boys and then got a “callback” to spend one day working with the girls. Want to know how our audition went? Listen to the students:

I liked that nothing in the class is considered a mistake.

I felt alive and able to escape my thoughts.

I liked how everyone had something different to share.

Tinks Lovelace has continued the program since then, providing free weekly classes for students at at Phoenix House Academy.  Each Saturday, Tinks, supported by Adler Ambassadors Alicia Durufle and Katherine Wallace, deliver two separate acting classes at Phoenix House Academy.  One class for teen boys and one for teen girls who are currently in treatment.

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